Pröbstel Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG was founded by Mr. Wilhelm Pröbstel in 1945.

In the first years the company was pursued only as a decorative metal work business.

Later the main focus of the orders developed in the direction of tank plant construction.
With the introduction of plastic tanks the main focus of the orders became the container construction.
Then the enterprise specialized in the area of appliance construction and mechanical engineering for large-scale enterprises, in particular in the field of chemical sewage processing.
Today the company is managed by Frank Pröbstel in the third generation.
Pröbstel Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG is well established in the international market in the area of filtration and sedimentation.
With the development of a further manufacturing facility and 32 t of crane capacity even bigger special constructions are practicable.

Our achievements to date include special constructions such as:

  • special costructions
  • filtration machines
  • thickening machines
  • conventional purification plants
  • SBR purification plants
  • various instruments
  • heating-technical plants
  • steel construction
  • pipes

Our philosophy:

Our philosophy is based on the belief that only optimum quality leads to long term success now and in the future.

Therefore our commitment to our customer is:

  • quality
  • reliability
  • flexibility

Our customers worldwide value our adherence to delivery dates, loyalty and dependability concerning our specialised knowledge.
In order to achieve top results our company is accredited with the following certificates in line with German standards MAG, WIG, E hand, HWK. We work according to Technical Supervisory Association (TÜV) rules and WHG §19. Finally, we are a welding company as set down in DIN EN ISO 3834-3.

We invest in future achievements

in order to contribute to your success effectively.
By adjusting and orienting to the market and by consistently meeting the requirements of the international markets, steady investments and the improvement of our methods of production, we have developed within the specialist areas of sedimentation and filtration.

Our uppermost goal is to have satisfied customers – we will make every effort to achieve that, now and in the future.